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About RevampIT Audio Video

Audio Visual Installation Experts in Scottsdale Arizona - RevampIT

Smart Technology Solutions For Your Home & Business

Our local specialists at RevampIT provide clients with the best custom audio visual systems in Arizona from consultation, design, and installation, to ongoing maintenance and support.

Family-Owned and Operated in Scottsdale

As a family-owned and operated business, RevampIT Audio Video is the chosen audio video company for many of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley’s most important residential and commercial projects.

If you’re looking to level up your home or business with smart technology, call RevampIT today and get a project estimate.

The RevampIT Process

Our approach to system design and the clients we serve is unique. We work directly with architects and custom home builders. At RevampIT, we make sure that every part of the overall design meets our criteria for performance and integrity. We tailor each feature to our client’s lifestyle while ensuring ultimate performance. This allows us to offer a system that is truly reliable, easy to use, and ready to adapt as your needs change.

Once a design is approved, the project advances to the engineering stage. With the aid of advanced software, we develop comprehensive plans for your AV system so our technicians can work efficiently to get the job done right while meeting all code requirements. We consider every detail, from room size, seating arrangements, and energy efficiency to the selection of audio and video equipment.

A clear, concise understanding between architects, interior designers, engineers, construction professionals, facility managers, and owners is key to completing a successful project on time. RevampIT acts as your technology project manager making sure everyone is on the same page at all times for optimal systems integration.

Your system interface is your touch panels. RevampIT programming is performed in our facilities by our expertly trained staff, then tested and commissioned for long-term reliability and simplicity. Whether we use purpose-built touch panels, tablets, or smartphones, we make sure your controls are intuitive, responsive, and simple to use for every member of your family.

There are a few phases to installing a system in your home. First, all the wiring is installed and tested. Second, is the “trim stage” where interfaces, keypads, speakers, and brackets are installed. The third and final stage is where all components are placed. Then when the system is functioning, our team reviews its operation with you and any members of your family so everyone is able to fully enjoy its benefits.

From showing you how easy it is to use your system, to answering any concerns you may have for years to come, our team is here to offer our expert support. Our systems are extremely reliable due to our carefully honed processes. If there’s an issue, our systems are intelligent enough to contact us for a remedy—that we often perform remotely, before you are even aware of the occurrence.





What defines RevampIT Audio Video is our tireless attention to detail, timely communication, and not resting until you’re completely satisfied with the finished product. We expect the same commitment from the brands and partners we work with.

DirecTV Authorized Dealer



If you have any questions about our process or audio video solutions for homes and businesses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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