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"[RevampIt A/V] was very timely and professional in all aspects of communication and installation. We are very satisfied customers."

Scott B.

“Finest T.V. Tech in the Valley!”  

Bill H.

“[RevampIt A/V]  is great - fast, professional, so nice!”  

Tyla T.

“We have used...RevampIt A/V for several projects in our home, including home security, programming confusing remotes and troubleshooting wifi/internet issues. We have found [them] to be prompt and professional. It is without hesitation that we recommend this company.”  

Robert and Cindy B.

“I'm somewhat of a "DIY" guy. I managed to set up most of my network at home by myself. For some reason there were just a few outlets that...well dots were not connecting. (And I spent HOURS cutting and re-crimping multiple sets of lines trying to fix it).

So I gave [RevampIt A/V]  a call. [They were] very courteous, on time and did what [they] did with speed. I couldn't have asked for a better tech guru to look over my network. After the lines were set up and plugged in [they] did a speed test to make sure they had "full power."

I would highly suggest using...[RevampIt A/V] for any hardware configuration or network help. [RevampIt A/V] knows what [they] are doing without question.”  

Robert A.

“My wife and I have both been very impressed by [RevampIt A/V's] attention to details, responsiveness and professionalism. Although our project took numerous unanticipated twists and turns, [RevampIt A/V] proved to be a very creative and tireless problem solver. We recommend [them] highly”  

Winn and Jan S.

“...just want to let [you] know how impressed I was with [RevampIt A/V's] professionalism[,] timeliness and courtesy...”  

Jenni H.