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Full Circle

Product Coverage

Homeowners spend millions on consumer electronics and custom integration each year. After such an enormous purchase, peace of mind is an easy investment to make.

Why purchase a Full Circle service plan with your install?

Investment Protection

  1. 100% Coverage on parts and labor

  2. No limit on service costs or number of repairs, complimentary replacement if product fails 3 times

  3. All plans fully insured

Save Money

  1. No hassle

  2. Fast repair work and product return

  3. Toll-free customer service, 7 days a week

Transferable and Renewable

  1. Fully transferable; to a new owner, not product/item

  2. Renewable Coverage, many plans can be renewed at the end of the first term

Single Item Coverage Available

  1. Plasma Television • LCD/LED Television

  2. Remote Controls • Gaming Consoles • Amplifiers

  3. DVD/CD/Blu-ray Players  • Tuners • Receivers

  4. Satellite Receivers • Portable AV Players

  5. Mobile Audio Equipment and Televisions

  6. Commercial Application Televisions

  7. Full Home Installation Coverage

  8. MicroDisplay Televisions

  9. Bulb Replacement

Choose the plan that best fits your needs and rest easy.

Invest now. Save later.

Many custom installation jobs entail a large, varied assortment of products and technologies. No single product warranty is suitable to cover these jobs–

Platinum Protection is needed.

Coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Televisions

  2. Projectors

  3. Tuners

  4. Amplifiers

  5. DVD/CD/Blu-ray player/recorders

  6. Satellite receivers

  7. DVRs

  8. Media PCs

  9. “Lift” boxes, other motorized units for picture frames, etc.

  10. Central control units (e.g. Control 4 type devices)

  11. Remotes

  12. Lighting systems

  13. Wiring

  14. And most importantly...labor for “in-home” diagnosis, removal and/or reinstallation of all components in the covered system

Coverage price ranges between $5,000 and $249,000 and is dependent on the overall value of your custom installation job. In other words, pricing takes place on a sliding scale based on the costs involved in the custom installation job. Choose between 3 or 5 years of coverage.

The Platinum Protection Plan

    Bringing your product coverage full circle

For more information regarding a Full Circle service plan, please contact RevampIt Audio Video, or schedule a free consultation.