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Sacrifice nothing.

The essence of style and simplicity, the Pro24.r extends your reach without straining your budget. The completely customizable LCD touchscreen display and fully programmable hard buttons assure intuitive control. Advanced wizard- based software keeps programming extremely efficient for professional integrators while offering advanced control and unmatched customization.

When paired with Pro Control's ProLink.r control processor, the Pro24.r delivers macro storage and fast and reliable 433 MHz one-way RF communication for advanced control. Additional features include an Ethernet port for network control of devices, four adjustable IR routing ports with adjustable output strength, two voltage-sensing inputs, and one-way (LAN) support for Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and PC applications.

From the Pro24.r remote’s high-quality construction

to its comprehensive programmability, there’s nothing basic about this precision-crafted, technologically advanced controller.


Take control of your home technology.

Pro Control’s most powerful controller combines one-touch simplicity with robust capabilities.When used with a Pro Control processor, this powerhouse remote offers comprehensive bi-directional capabilities over AV receivers, iPod®dock, lighting, HVAC, security and more. A dazzling, high-resolution LCD touch- screen, programmable 5-way joystick and backlit hard buttons take entertainment

to new heights, providing intuitive operation even in darkened rooms.

Flexible to program and easy to use, the Pro24.z features advanced wizard-based software for extremely efficient programming, advanced control and unmatched customization.When paired with Pro Control’s ProLink.z control processor, the Pro24.z offers 2.4 GHz two-way Zigbee® communication through walls or cabinets, Ethernet control, and six IR routing ports with adjustable output strength. This paired solution also features two voltage-sensing inputs and support for Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod® touch applications.

Whether used as a stand-alone remote or as an advanced control system, the Pro24.z delivers uncompromising command of the environment.


A unique companion for Tablets and Smartphones.

Designed to overcome some of the inherent limitations of tablets and smartphones as primary controllers, the revolutionary iPro.8 delivers instant connectivity and reliable operation seamlessly and inexpensively.

Tablet and smartphone users love finding ways to utilize their devices to streamline their lives, including using them to control electronics and entertainment. Yet the devices are limited by a lack of hard buttons for tactile control, slow connectivity, multiple apps and numerous screen swipes to accomplish simple tasks – not to mention

the possibility of the device being used for another purpose or by someone else. The affordable, patent-pending iPro.8 addresses these issues by working as an extension of the ProPanel App running on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Hard buttons and tactile control provide immediate access to frequent activities such as changing channels, controlling the volume, and DVR transport control. Rather than relying on network connectivity, the iPro.8 communicates instantly via reliable RF technology, and can

be used with any Pro Control ProLink processor with an activated ProPanel App.